Moving and Packing Tips

Here are some moving and packing tips to help you get the most out of your storage unit experience.

1).  Use an Online Storage Unit Estimator to Help you Figure out how much Storage Space that you will need.

      Call the Self Storage Facility Manager and also ask them to help you estimate your correct size.

2).  Before you Rent - Always ask if they are running a monthly rent discount special - Most storage facilities are!

3).  Use the Internet to find a storage facility near your home or business.

4).  Place a plastic sheet over the entire floor of the storage unit to prevent mositure from touching your items.

5).  Store heavy-large items and less frequently goods in the back of the storage unit.

6).  Make sure to store boxes in even rows - large boxes on the bottom rows and small ones on top.

7).  Use Celing and Wall areas for storage.

8).  Store frequently used items last, near the front door for easy retrieval.

10). Create an isle-way in your storage unit so that you can access your items.

11).  Clearly label all boxes - create a list of what is in the boxes so that your can refer to it later - take pictures of what you put into storage.

12). Check with your insurance agent to see if your items are proctected against loss while in storage (Homeowners and Renters Insurance may cover your items - if not, most self storage facilities can sell you some form of self storage insurance - usually for a low price).

13). Don't use plastic bags for storage - Moisture can get inside and ruin items.

14). Use only durable boxes - preferably plastic or new cardboard boxes, used boxes can fall apart in storage.


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